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As a business owner or executive, you know that cybersecurity is essential. But where do you start?

Secureling makes it easy to build a strong and secure business with our simple approach to cybersecurity.

We'll ask you a few simple questions to better understand and assess your needs, IT maturity and baseline security.

We give you an initial set of AI-assisted recommendations to get you started right away.

We help you build the security program that's right for the size of your business.

AI-assisted security recommendations

Receive personalized, data-driven security recommendations based on your unique business needs. This will help you optimize your security spending and ensure that you're protecting your business from the most relevant threats.

Your Personalized Security Program

Build a tailored security program that fits your business requirements, with easy-to-follow routines that encourage daily and weekly cybersecurity tasks that are documented.

Keep Your Team on Track

Keep your security program on track with regular team accountability checkpoints. With Secureling, you can ensure that everyone on your team is aligned on security objectives, and that nothing falls through the cracks.

Vendor Neutral Approach

We help you choose the right security vendor and solutions for your business, with no bias towards any specific vendor. With our vendor-neutral approach, you can be confident that you're getting the best security solutions for your business needs.

Easy-to-use Security Templates

Quickly establish the right processes, policies, and controls with our pre-built templates. Our templates make it easy to build a strong and effective security program, even if you don't have a dedicated security team.

Standard Compliance Frameworks

Need to comply with industry standards or regulations? No problem. Meet industry standards and regulations with ease using our pre-built compliance frameworks (SOC2, CyberSecure). We'll guide you through the process, making compliance simple and straightforward.

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